The man who wrote the book that changed my life has died

Eternal thanks to Keith Johnstone Credit where credit is due, is a maxim that I always included in the final session of all the drama courses that I delivered. I then went on to credit Keith Johnstone. Keith died on 11th March 2023 aged 90.  He was born in Devon and worked in education and … Continue reading The man who wrote the book that changed my life has died

Mea Culpa Cleopatra

Private investigations and public humiliation   It felt bizarre to be sponsored by a firm of private detectives.  Somehow it also seemed apt that a performance that peered into the private lives of three of the most publicly known ancient figures, Octavius Caesar, Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra, should be partly funded by hireable spies.  … Continue reading Mea Culpa Cleopatra

Paper Helium Day

Planet Academia As examination Results Day draws near the pulse rate rises, the appetite shrinks, limbs involuntarily tremble, tempers shorten, bursts of perspiration erupt and sleepless nights are wracked with waking nightmares.  And it’s almost as bad for the students. Only the smug can feign confidence, or those who specialise in subjects that are not … Continue reading Paper Helium Day