Nine from ‘Nineteen


The most popular uneasywords of 2019


Another year of blogging done.

Here, in reverse order, are the most popular uneasywords posts of 2019:

2006 Vett poster

At number 9 is a post from November 2018 explaining how the paintings of Jack Vettriano inspired a musical theatre show: Swinging with the Singing Butler.

Will cover 8.5

Number 8 is also from November 2018.  Did the teenage William Shakespeare change his career and save his life in Lancashire in 1581? Where there was a Will.

147 and tower

Catch the number 7 by taking a ride on the 147 along the infamous Golden Mile at Blackpool. It is a very special tram named after an exceptional ordinary man. Ticket to pride

TRG beautiful 1

Number 6 is a September post harping back to a 2003 musical about a 1960s nightclub: Top Rank Groovy


The fifth most popular post is a lament for the decline of creative subjects in schools: All STEM and no flowers

Newman today

Number four is the most popular post from the previous year, and clearly one that still attracts the search engines.  How three schools became one: Hard Terms

Tbox 1

Number three is the most personal of all the posts and another carry-over from 2018 when it was number two on the list.  It describes the early diagnosis of our autistic daughter at a time when few people were familiar with the condition: Outside of the thinking box


Number two was a review of a new musical by Ian McFarlane: Around the World in 80s Days

And at number one. . .

Betty and Renaissance

Another 2018 post, and one that was almost not written and expected to rapidly fizzle into obscurity, but which has been viewed very frequently for nearly two years. It is a tribute to a little-known poet and lyricist: Betty Thatcher

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