Unbalanced Equinox

The man with the missile is masturbating 
His shadow splats onto the garden
He thinks he is making history
Heaven knows he's making a mess

The equinox will re-stock the garden
It won't be easy this year
The east reheats the cold war
There are sentries in spades at the lych-gate

When a man without feeling starts wanking
There is something wrong with his head
His hands will be perpetually bloody
And all hope for his issue is dead
There was a European thrush
Conventionally coloured
But to my mind was yellow and blue
It sang strongly all year
Until the fool in the east went west.

The silence told us the songbird was gone
We found down on the floor
And a feather on the pond
Perhaps it was attacked
Perhaps it fought back
And outwitted the predator
Lets hope it escaped
To sing by the Dnieper 
They need strong songs there.
We housed a hog 
He arrived the night the boundary was pierced 
Crowned completely with spears
He would have starved 
Had he not been harboured
He sleeps all day
But not at night
We hope he can go home soon
And be at liberty
With no need for spears on his back
We weep for you
Can't sleep for you
Your aim is true
Your ground is yellow gold
Your vault 
Cobalt blue.

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